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Seattle Inspired.
Woodstock Roasted.

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Established in 2015, we roast and craft coffees from all over the world. Coming from Seattle, coffee is culture for us. We are a small family-owned company that focuses on roasting premium specialty-grade coffee.   

Featured Coffee

Introducing our Brazil '66 Coffee Bag - a nod to the pulsating beats of 1960s Brazil. Dive into the magic of our honey and chocolate notes, encapsulating the era's zest and flair.  Get yours now and taste the rhythm of Brazil '66! 🇧🇷 

Sweet Honey-Chocolate Coffee!  

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Experience the luxury of our coffee subscription, receiving a 12 oz bag of our exquisite blends weekly or biweekly. Enjoy the convenience of free local delivery, bringing the rich aromas and distinct flavors right to your doorstep!


Partner with the Woodstock Coffee Company and become a part of our passionate coffee family, dedicated to delivering the finest quality beans and an unparalleled coffee experience. Join us in our mission to spread the love for exceptional coffee.

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