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 At Woodstock Coffee Company, we carefully select and roast all of the coffees we carry. We take our time to make sure that we are sourcing the highest quality coffees from all over the world. With our dedication to small batch roasting, we believe that each coffee has its own story, and cant wait to let it tell you!!

Meet the owner, Paris Landon Jr



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My journey began in the city of Seattle, when I had my first sip of coffee as a child. For those of you that are curious about the stereotype about Seattlites and their coffee, in my case, it is all very true—we love our coffee. My mother would drink coffee from the moment she woke up to the moment she went to bed, and occasionally let me try a little when I was as young as five years old. What she let me have was mostly milk and sugar, but the flavor sparked my love for coffee early on. 


As I grew older, coffee naturally became a part of my daily life as well. It was customary in our house, as we would greet every morning with a strong cup of coffee and some good music to ensure we were starting every day off right. 


As I went on to start my own family, I never strayed from that morning ritual taught to me by my mother. My love for coffee evolved into one of my favorite hobbies, as I began to research different roasting techniques and taste profiles and test coffees from all over the world. 


My drive to share my love for coffee is how Woodstock Coffee was born. Shortly after I began roasting, I dragged one of my best friends, my father, into my pursuits. The time we spend roasting together and discovering new aspects of the craft is a labor of love. 


So, in addition to my original goal (to roast the best coffees in the world), my father helped me realize that the real goal is to share with as many people as possible—including you. 


We hope that when you taste our coffee, you experience our dedication to quality, because it is our greatest hope that we can make you a part of our coffee enthusiast family.

  Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


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